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Review: Qatar Airways A330 Business Class Day Flight (HEL-DOH)

I've flown in Qatar Airways Business Class quite a few times but this was my first experience of the Qatar Airways A330 Business Class cabin. Technically speaking I tried out an very similar product last year when I flew in the airline's A340 Business Class cabin but, because I'm determined to review every aircraft Qatar Airways offers, I'm keeping this one separate.
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Airport Lounges From The Archives

Review: JAL First Class Lounge Frankfurt Terminal 2

The JAL First Class lounge opens between 4:00pm and 8:00pm so, as I arrived into Frankfurt a little after 2:00pm I had spent around 90 minutes checking out JAL's Sakura Business Class lounge next door. Come 4:00pm I decided it was time to see how JAL's First Class lounge compared and I was genuine interested to find out what, if anything, the airline had done to make the First Class lounge special and different from the Sakura lounge next door.