United Is Offering A Bonus Of 85% On Miles Purchased By July 11

United Mileage Plus is running a new promotion in which its offering a bonus of up to 85% to anyone willing to purchase miles by the close of business next Wednesday. The cost per mile isn't the lowest we've seen this year but some may find it low enough to make a purchase worthwhile.

LIMITED OFFER: Buy United Miles From 1.88 Cents Each

United Airlines has come out with a limited offer/limited time miles sale in which MileagePlus members can buy miles from 1.88 cents each....if they're quick. United is selling miles in bundles and when the first bundle sells out the next bundle is introduced at a more expensive price point.

You Can Now Buy United Miles At 2.21 Cents Each….But Should You?

United's last points sale ended at the end of March so, unsurprisingly, the airline is back with another attempt at tempting travelers into buying its currency. The last points sale offered up miles at around 2.25 cents each while this time around the cost/mile is slightly less...but should you buy?

United MileagePlus Flash Sale – Buy Miles For 2.25 Cents Each

United's MileagePlus program is running a flash sale for anyone looking to buy some miles with the best price per mile sitting around 2.25 cents. As with all "flash sales" this one isn't going to be around for long so if an account needs topping up don't wait too long.

Earn & Burn United Miles At BP Gas Stations (US Only)

United Airlines has joined up with BP to offer MileagePlus members a new way to earn miles when they gar up at the pump and, if you have more miles than you know what to with, you can now spend United Miles at BP gas stations too.

Buy United Miles, Get A Bonus & A Chance To Win 1,000,000 Miles

United's MileagePlus program is back with yet another mileage sale but this time the promotion offers a little bit more than normal. The last MileagePlus sale offered me a bonus of up to 60% (others may have been targeted for better bonuses) while the latest sale is offering a bonus of up to 75%. On top of this there's a chance to win 1,000,000 miles in a sweepstake plus $9,800 to help cover any taxes incurred should you be the lucky winner.
United Airlines MileagePlus Status Earning

Are You Missing Bonus United Miles From A Choice Privileges Promotion?

Back in November there were a couple of fantastic Choice Privileges points sales that, thanks to a number of stackable promotions, effectively allowed you to buy United Miles from as little as 1.13 cents each. That's an incredibly low rate at which to buy United miles but, if you participated in these sales, have you checked that you have actually received all the miles due to you?

Buy United Miles And Get A Bonus Through 22 January

The latest United miles promotion is now live and the airline is once again offering customers a bonus if they add miles to their Mileage Plus account. It's unclear if the latest promotion is targeted but, for reference, the highest bonus I can earn is 60%. With United's last miles promotion having just closed on December 31st it hasn't taken long for a new offer to come out - United is becoming more like American Airlines every day.

DEAL CLOSING: Buy United Miles From 1.88 Cents Each

United has had a few mileage sales recently and the latest promotion has been offering miles at one of the lowest rates we’ve seen this year. You have until 31 December to make the most of this current sale but, before you jump in and buy, just how good is the current offer?

United MileagePlus Is Back With Another 100% Bonus When You Buy Miles

If you ever want proof that most of the people running airline loyalty programs are just phoning it all in take a look at the mileage promotions they come out with.  Yesterday I posted about the lasted American Airlines AAdvantage mileage sale which turned out to be identical to their Black Friday sale (which in turn was identical to their Black Friday sale last year) and now we have the latest offering from United. If I'm being charitable I'll concede that United Mileage Plus has changed its promotion from the flash sale it has a little under two weeks ago....but the changes are so small they're essentially insignificant.

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