Qatar Airways Now Offers Qsuite Business Class To Mumbai

New Qsuite routes are now launching on a far more frequent basis then they were a month or two ago and, following the news that Qatar Airways is to offer its premium Business Class product to/from Hong Kong and the news that it's already offering the Qsuite cabin on flights to Bangkok and Bangalore, we now have the news that Mumbai is being served by a Qsuite equipped aircraft too.

Qatar Qsuites Are Coming To Philly (For One Roundtrip Only) And Awards Are Available!

The Qatar Airways Qsuite Business Class cabin is recognised as being the best Business Class cabin in the world right now (by most people) and thanks to aircraft refits and an expanding Qatar Airways fleet it's getting easier to find flights offering the product.

Qatar Airways Is Offering Qsuites On Yet More Routes To Asia

With Qatar Airways apparently no longer announcing when a route will get a Qsuite equipped aircraft, and with new & refurbished aircraft joining the airline's fleet every month, more routes that are offering Qsuites are slipping under the radar....and I've only just noticed two such routes.

Qatar Airways Adds QSuite Business Class To Hong Kong

Although no official announcement has been made the latest schedules show that Qatar Airways plans to offer its premier QSuite Business Class product on one of its two daily flights between Doha and Hong Kong from later this year.

Sydney, Canberra & Munich Get Qatar Airways Qsuites Business Class

You won't get too many people disagreeing with the statement that the Qatar Airways Qsuite Business Class product is the best Business Class product in the world right now but, up until not that very long ago, there weren't many routes on which the Qsuites were actually offered. Fortunately the world's best Business Class product isn't quite so scarce anymore and it just got even less scarce.

Qatar Airways Is Improving Dining In Premium Cabins

We haven't had much good news out of Qatar Airways recently. Last week the airline's CEO told us all to expect fuel surcharges to be reintroduced, over the weekend the airline's loyalty program was devalued to an astonishing degree and to cap it all I haven't spotted a great Qatar Airways Business Class fare in quite some time. Any bit of good news out of the airline would be welcome about now and, as insignificant as the latest announcement is, I'm taking solace in the fact that it doesn't involve anything bad!
Shanghai Night View

Another New Qatar Airways Qsuite Route Announced

There was a flurry of new Qsuites routes announced in February and March as Chicago, Frankfurt and Australia were revealed as future recipients of the enhanced Business Class cabin while Qatar Airways' CEO used the ITB Travel Fair to hint that Berlin and Munich will soon be getting Qsuites service too. Qsuites route news has gone a bit quiet in the last month or so but now we finally know which city will be the nest to receive Qsuites service....and it's not the rumored Berlin or Munich.

Review: Qatar Airways A380 Business Class (Night Flight DOH-BKK)

Considering how many Qatar Airways flights I’ve been on in the past few years it’s amazing that this was my first flight in the Qatar Airways A380 Business Class cabin. I flew in the A380’s First Class cabin between Doha and Paris last year as an add-on to my Auckland – Doha flight and I wasn’t that impressed so I was interested to see what Business Class would be like.

Fare Alert: Qatar Airways Business Class USA – India (From $2,851 RT)

I don't normally post fare alerts for one specific fare on one specific route but I thought I'd make an exception in this case as it's a pretty good deal. Qatar Airways is currently running a USA - India promotion from all the US cities it serves and while most fares are nothing to get excited about, one really stands out.

Review: Qatar Airways A330 Business Class Day Flight (HEL-DOH)

I've flown in Qatar Airways Business Class quite a few times but this was my first experience of the Qatar Airways A330 Business Class cabin. Technically speaking I tried out an very similar product last year when I flew in the airline's A340 Business Class cabin but, because I'm determined to review every aircraft Qatar Airways offers, I'm keeping this one separate.

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