Alternatives To The Chase United Explorer Card You Should Consider

I've said in the past that I'm not a big fan of most airline credit cards as I find they're too limiting in what they offer. While an airline's credit card will only earn miles/points in a specific airline's loyalty program there are dozens of cards out there that are far more flexible as they earn points that can be converted to a variety of airline programs.

Marriott & Starwood New Combined Loyalty Program – New Credit Cards Coming

Following on from my earlier post (which just covered the facts surrounding the new combined loyalty program) I'm now going to take a look at what we've been told we can expect from the new Marriott/SPG credit cards that will be coming out later this year and what changes are coming to the credit cards that are already available.

Friend Question: Chase Ink Business Preferred Or Chase Ink Business Cash

A friend of mine sent me a text the other day asking which Chase business credit card he should apply for. He was sitting in front of a Chase banker at the time and the banker was advising him to apply for the Chase Ink Cash card but Andy wanted to know what I thought.

Chase/IHG Is Seriously Devaluing The IHG Rewards Card

There are credit cards you hold for their points earning and then there are the credit cards you hold for the befits they offer and, for me, the current IHG Rewards credit card has always fallen into the latter category.  I book most of my paid hotels stays through Marriott so the bonus points the IHG Rewards card offers for my infrequent stays at IHG properties has never been a major attraction to me.....but the free night I get from the credit card every year is a benefit I love.

Almost Confirmed: Big Changes To The Chase IHG Rewards Card

The IHG Rewards credit card has long been one of the very best deals you can get in the miles & points world. As a card that offers a free night at any IHG hotel in the world in exchange for an annual fee of just $49 it has been selling itself for years. But the card looks to be on its way out and the opportunities to sign up for it as fast disappearing.

10,000 Shell Gas Stations Now Accept Chase Pay

If you're looking for a way to make sure you make the most of your second quarter Chase Freedom bonus categories then Chase may have just helped you out. The Chase Freedom 2Q bonus categories include grocery store spending, PayPal spending and, for the second quarter running Chase Pay spending. The Chase Pay option is probably the weakest of the three options on offer as it's still not accepted in all that many places.

The Chase/Marriott/United Promotion Most Should Be Avoiding

Chase is running a promotion in conjunction with Marriott and United Airlines which may tempt some people but I'm here to tell you that it's not really a great promotion at all. On the face of things the promotion may seem perfectly ok but when you look closely at the value on offer (and the value most would be giving up if they took part) the promotion really isn't one that most should be participating in.

How To Transfer Points From Chase Ultimate Rewards To Airlines

I often say how much I love the Ultimate Rewards points I earn from my Chase Sapphire Reserve and Chase Freedom cards so I thought I'd write a quick step-by-step guide showing how easy it is to make a transfer from Ultimate Rewards to an airline loyalty program.

Chase Unveils Two New Airline Credit Cards….And I Really Don’t Like Either

I'm an unabashed fan of Chase and a large number of the credit cards the bank issues but I'm struggling to see the point of the Chase Iberia Visa credit card or the Chase Aer Lingus credit card announced by the bank towards the end of last week.

Don’t Forget To Register For The Chase Freedom 2Q Bonuses

My Chase Freedom card is one of the few free credit cards that I hold that's guaranteed to get a place in my wallet every quarter. While I'm a big fan of fee-free credit cards most of mine don't offer big  enough spending bonuses to warrant being used on a regular basis....but Chase Freedom is different.

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