How Long Does It Take To Get Through Dublin Airport If You’re Positioning?

Positioning flights are something I write about quite often and I've recently written a post explaining what they are and why they're useful so I won't go into details again...but what follows should help anyone booking a positioning flight to Dublin.

What Are “Positioning Flights” & Why Are They Useful?

In a lot of the posts I write describing how I plan, book and pay for my trips I mention the fact that I booked a "positioning flight" to help keep the costs down. Over the past few months I've had a number of readers email me to ask about positioning flights so I thought I'd write a post to explain what they are and how they can be incredibly useful.
JW Marriott Singapore South Beach Has Some Sketchy and Pushy Practices – Be Aware

I have to be careful how I phrase this blog as I really can't afford a lawsuit but, at the same time, it's worth the risk as I absolutely detest practices that could potentially see travelers out of pocket or pressured into a booking they may not wish to make. Here's the experience I recently had with a hotel booking site called

Trusted Traveler Website – A Step-By-Step Guide To The New Global Entry Portal

If you've applied for or been a member of any of the "Trusted Traveler" programs that the United States offers then you'll have come across the GOES website somewhere along the way. The GOES website was where you filled in your application, moved through the processing stages and where, once approved, you could edit your information. As of 1 October 2017 the GOES website no longer exists.
BA Redemption Finder

BA Redemption Finder – A Free Tool For Finding British Airways Avios Awards

As a post I wrote on the free iPhone app I think every flyers should have appears to have been pretty popular I thought I'd write a post on the tool I prefer to use when searching for British Airways Avios awards - BA Redemption Finder.

The Free iPhone App That I Think Every Flyer Should Have

There aren't may non-Apple apps on my iPhone that I would consider indispensable but amongst the few that are is the MyFlights App - I love it and I'm an unabashed fan of what the app offers.

It’s Time To Say Goodbye To TUMI – It’s Not The Brand It Used...

You may have noticed that I travel a lot. Probably not as much as some who read this blog (I tip my metaphorical hat to you guys) but more than most people. As a result I take quite a bit of care when it comes to selecting the luggage I carry around with me.
Andaz West Hollywood

How I Select Which Hotels I Use On My Trips

I’ve had a few emails recently asking for some specifics on how I search for the flights and hotels I book, what my thought processes are and what I look for when booking my various trips….so I thought I’d address these in a couple of blog posts – the first one posted yesterday and covered flights so, today, I'll concentrate on hotels.

Don’t Forget This Airline Booking Quirk – Knowing It Could Save You A LOT...

Due to the nature of how airlines price up their fares it can make a big difference which of the one airline's many websites you use to book you flights - using the wrong website can end up costing you a lot of money. I've written about this quirk in the past but, as I've just seen it rear its head again and as I have just noticed that this same quirk applies to online travel agents too, I thought it was worth bringing it up again.
Seoul Airport Railroad Express (AREX)

Using The Airport Railroad Express (AREX) To Get From Seoul Incheon Airport To Downtown...

As we often see nice Business Class fares published for travel between Europe and Seoul, and as Korean Airlines is a popular Chase points redemption from the US, I thought I'd share my experience of getting into downtown Seoul from Seoul Incheon airport on the off chance that this helps someone out.

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