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You Can Now Buy AAdvantage Miles From 1.72 Cents Each

American Airlines is selling miles at a discount again and this time it's selling them at the lowest rate we normally see. If you follow the AAdvantage miles sales closely you won't be surprised to know that miles are now on sale at 1.72 cents each because this is exactly the same offer that came around last June.

You Should NOT Be Buying AAdvantage Miles In The Current Sale

American Airlines has unleashed its latest miles promotion in which it is offering discounts of up to 35% when you buy AAdvantage miles. A 35% discount may sound reasonable and may even sound tempting but I'm here to tell you that you should definitely NOT be buying miles in this promotion.

American Airlines Is Selling Miles Again And This Time They’re Worth A Closer Look

American Airlines is back again with one of its very frequent miles sales. The past few sales have been poor (to say the least) but, while I usually advise against buying AAdvantage Miles, this time around I can definitely see where buying miles in this promotion may work for some.
Buy AAdvantage mIles

American Airlines Is Back With Another Miles Sale (Through 16 Feb)

Back on 9 January I wrote about American Airlines’ first points sale of 2018 and I concluded that, at 2.1 cents/mile, I was finding it hard to recommend a purchase. I also said that the way American Airlines is going “there’s every chance there will be another [promotion] along soon after this one ends” and “if history keeps repeating itself the next promotion should offer miles at around 2.02 cents each”. Well….guess what? Almost the moment the last American Airlines points sale ended a new one was launched and…you guessed it….the points are on sale for ~2.02 cents each :)

American Airlines Is Now Selling Miles For 2.1 Cents Each

American Airlines is back with another offer of a bonus for anyone still willing to buy AAdvantage miles and in keeping with the recent trend the airline is repeating a promotion we've seen before - buy miles and get up to 50,000 bonus miles thrown in.

You Can Now Buy AAdvantage Miles For 1.77 Cents Each….Again

Someone really needs to sit the AAdvantage team down and explain the concept of a "sale" to them because I'm not convinced they understand what a sale actually is - perhaps someone in the Dallas Fort Worth area could drop off a dictionary to help them out. Here's how ridiculous this is all getting.

American Airlines Black Friday Deal – Buy Miles From 1.77 Cents (a.k.a I Told...

I know smugness really isn't an attractive quality on anyone but I'm feeling a little pleased with myself right now. In the first week of November American Airlines launched yet another miles promotion in which it was offering a bonus of up to 100,000 miles and, at the time, I suggested that no one should be jumping on that deal. My reasoning was that it appeared as if American was simply regurgitating its promotions from 2016 so, if the pattern continued, we would see the bonus increased by 20% for Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

American Airlines Is Hawking Miles Again – Most Should Stay Away (As Usual)

When I write a post here on TFM there can be any one of a number of reasons why I chose to write it - I may think the information in it will save someone money, I may think that a review of a product will better inform travelers of what's on offer and, sometimes I consider the post to be a PSA. This post definitely falls into that last category.

American Airlines Selling Miles At 1.72 Cents/Mile (Again) – Should You Buy?

Since American Airlines merged with US Airways we've, unsurprisingly, seen a lot of US Airways-type behavior from the joint entity. One type of behavior that stands out in particular is that the airline almost always has some kind of "offer" available to anyone who wants to buy AAdvantage Miles. The last offer ran out on 30 June so it's not that surprising that we now have the airline's latest promotion....which appears to be an extension of the one that just ended.

You Can Buy AAdvantage Miles “Cheaply” Right Now…….And Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

AAdvantage miles are currently available to purchase directly through American Airlines for just 1.725 cents each but, although that's the lowest price we've seen for a number of years, you probably shouldn't be buying any miles from American - here's why.

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