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LAST DAY: Buy Alaska Miles With A 40% Bonus [Targeted]

Alaska Mileage Plan miles are one of the last airline currencies that I genuinely consider buying every time a decent sale comes around and that's down to how much value I know I can get out of them. Alaska miles can be very useful (and a big money saver) if you're thinking of booking Business Class or First Class awards on airlines like Cathay Pacific, Korean Air and even LAN and, importantly, you don't have to be US-based to make the most of these miles (I discus this more in the post linked here)
Qantas 787 Business Class

40% Bonus When Buying Alaska Miles Through 7 February [Targeted]

Alaska miles can be used to great effect if you're looking to book premium cabin awards on the likes of Cathay Pacific, Korean Air and even LAN and that's why it's one of the few currencies that I still find myself tempted to purchase every time there's a reasonably good bonus on offer. Right now Alaska Mileage Plan has a targeted offer running in which members can earn a bonus of up to 40% when buying miles through 7 February 2017.

Alaska Miles On Sale With Bonuses Of Up To 40% (Very Useful For Great...

Alaska Airlines has launched its latest points promotion in which it's offering Mileage Plan members bonuses of up to 40% on purchases of over 30,000 miles. Alaska Mileage plan may not be the first airline loyalty program that most people think of but, with the downward spiral most other loyalty programs are pursuing, this is definitely a program to pay attention to.
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Ending Soon: Buy Alaska Miles With A 50% Bonus

Alaska Airlines has been selling miles with a bonus of up to 50% since the end of August and this deal has now nearly run its course. If you were fortunate enough to be targeted for the 50% bonus you have until 11:59pm ET on 5 October 2017 to buy Alaska miles with that bonus.
Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan

Alaska Mileage Plan Offering Bonuses Of Up To 50% On Purchased Miles

If you have an Alaska Mileage Plan account you may have been targeted for a healthy 50% bonus on any miles you purchase before 5 October. Generally I’m pretty negative about buying miles from airlines but, when it comes to Alaska Miles, I’m a little more positive.

Should You Buy Alaska Milage Plan Miles? (Bonuses Of Up To 50% Available)

Alaska Mileage Plan has launched a new promotion which allows members to buy Mileage Plan miles with a bonus of up to 50%. This is a targeted promotion in that, although all Mileage Plan member will get a bonus if they buy miles, the size of the bonus will vary from member to member.

40% Bonus When You Buy Alaska Miles – This Promotion Could Be Worth A...

Alaska Airlines has published its first "buy points promotion" since September and it's offering Mileage Plan members up to 40% bonus miles on a purchases of 30,000+ miles and an automatic entry into a sweepstakes with a grand prize of 1,000,000 miles....but just how good is this promotion?
Buy Alaska Airlines Miles

Last Chance To Buy Alaska Airline Miles With A 50% Bonus – Ends Today

Just a quick reminder that Alaska Airlines' latest “buy points with a bonus” offer ends today (29 September) so, if you were fortunate enough to be targeted for the 50% bonus offer, you only have a few hours left to make the most of the promotion. European readers may also benefit from my post on why UK & European travelers should have an Alaska Mileage Plan account.
Buy Alaska Airlines Miles

Alaska Airlines Mystery Bonus On Purchased Miles – What Did You Get?

It's always nice to see a little bit of variation to the usually mundane "buy points with a bonus" offers that come out every month and Alaska is doing its bit to help. Alaska Airlines is offering a mystery bonus to anyone who buys Mileage Plan miles through 29 September 2016.

Alaska Mileage Plan: 40% Bonus When You Buy Or Gift Miles

Alaska Mileage Plan is offering its members an opportunity to earn up to 40% bonus miles when they either buy or gift miles between...

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